Sunday, 11 February 2018

In Mahabhartha at Anushashna perva Lord Sri Krishna clearly answers Yudhisters quest “in this universe nobody can completely explain the Shiva or Shiva thatva including me... he adds” 

Happy auspicious MahaShivarathri

thank you all

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Shiva's agony of separation 
He described as "SwaPrakasha "{who is Light of all source of universe ) sitting in dark .

when you lost your Sathi as love,
You bared all the pain within your guts 
But the poor universe inside of you, dying in worst…
Suddenly you cried & shed tears as Rudraksh to heal the universe
Tears of you acted like nectar,
Pain of love harassed even Mahaiyogi “
So how can a mere a worldly …… ?

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Enlightened World Peace Protector '' Dorje Shugden

An Indian style painting of  "Enlightened World Peace Protector '' Dorje Shugden" done for Malaysian
Buddhist Organisation
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Nachiketh & yama

Father, to whom are you going to give me as gift? .... To whom whom? "
frusted by his father's cunningness Nachiketh asked his Dad.
Dad utters in rage, "I give you to the lord of death ''.
Vajashrava was the father of lad Nachiketh, desiring a gift from the gods, started an offering to donate all his possessions. But Nachiketa noticed that he was donating only the cows that were old, barren, blind or lame and stale grains to poor guys. Knowing all these Nachiketh questions his father Vajashrava ..
Lad Nachiketh goes to Yamaloka as the result of his Dads angered words. After going to Yamaloka he waits for three days in hunger to meet the head of the hell. Finally arrived Lord grants him three boons for waiting in hunger for three days. Lad Nachiketh requests as first boon to him, '' My father should be relieved of his anger and he should become a peaceful and contented person "
Lord says with smile "All right, your father will be at peace with himself henceforward".
The second one Nachiketa wished to learn the sacred fire sacrifice, which also Yama elaborated.
And "what is third wish little dear?" lord smiled agian.
 Nachiketa became thoughtful.
He recollected that one-day at the Gurukula Ashram, he was weeping over the death of a cow. He said aloud to Lord Yama, "Lord! Every living being in the world is mortal. They go through a cycle of happiness and grief in accordance with their meritorious work or sin. It is said that even if the body dies, the soul remains eternal. So there are cycles of births and deaths. What is the secret of this? Are there no ways and means of overcoming this grief? Kindly let me know if there is one. This shall be my third request. "
Now lord astonished by his third wish ...
Yama noded his head, "dear tiny star, this had been a mystery even to the gods.
Oh Nachiketa ask for some other boon "and he even induced him many material gains like ... kingdom ... wealth ..whatever you desire ..
But Nachiketa was not blinked by lord Yama's provokement
Instead, he stood with his words as mount and replied that material things will last only till tomorrow. He who has encountered Death personally, how can he desire wealth? No other boon would do. Yama was pleased with this disciple and secretly elaborated on the nature of the true self (atma), which persists beyond death.
Nachiketh was sent back to the earth with many devine glories.
If you have real faith on truth & amp; righteous, even lord of Death can showers you Atmavidya (Knowledge of Self) and immortality ....

''Beast of beautiful soul ''

''oh my  destiny ''no one loves to hear my  Ramayan ...sage mutters himself

When Maharishi Valmiki listens Hanuman version of Ramayana  in his own devotional voice,
he was melt in into the trance of time..

But some how he wokes up and fell in to deep thoughts
Hanuman's Ramayana is more superior than mine the all  angle ...

realising the  Maharishi Valmiki's forethought ,
''Lord of the  Anahata heart chakra " Hanuman assures  him  'dear  righteous sage
do  not worry no one will listen my version of Ramayana from now...
Hanuman erased with in moment   all his scripts on rocks of Himalaya...

Valmiki broke out into tears....he bowed into  feets  of the  Maruthi
which are holding   ocean  of compassionate soul .

Maharishi Valmiki took Oath in his mind ' I will get rebirth to sing your ­saga of bravery & compassionate

jai Hanuman gyan guna sagar ...  jai Kapeesh tihu loka ujagar...:)  reverberation started everywhere
M P M .Nataraja­­­­

Monday, 3 August 2015

Tribute our beloved multi talented Kalam sir

Monday, 6 July 2015

“Maha kalaBairav” 
He may seems to be barbaric wild tribal, 
no no… he is the most kind & ¬ intelligent ,peaceful, complete man with his mighty secret knowledge’s & mystic powers

this art for Pothiraaja K