Wednesday, 25 January 2017

''Beast of beautiful soul ''

''oh my  destiny ''no one loves to hear my  Ramayan ...sage mutters himself

When Maharishi Valmiki listens Hanuman version of Ramayana  in his own devotional voice,
he was melt in into the trance of time..

But some how he wokes up and fell in to deep thoughts
Hanuman's Ramayana is more superior than mine the all  angle ...

realising the  Maharishi Valmiki's forethought ,
''Lord of the  Anahata heart chakra " Hanuman assures  him  'dear  righteous sage
do  not worry no one will listen my version of Ramayana from now...
Hanuman erased with in moment   all his scripts on rocks of Himalaya...

Valmiki broke out into tears....he bowed into  feets  of the  Maruthi
which are holding   ocean  of compassionate soul .

Maharishi Valmiki took Oath in his mind ' I will get rebirth to sing your ­saga of bravery & compassionate

jai Hanuman gyan guna sagar ...  jai Kapeesh tihu loka ujagar...:)  reverberation started everywhere
M P M .Nataraja­­­­

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